Since 1991 Peter Peters is a luxury Interior Designer and Bedexpert who thoughtfully designs the finest homes and master-crafted personalized dream beds. Peter has a passion for architecture, furniture design, textiles and antiques. Drawing on these elements as well as his goal oriented, solution driven and cost effective work approach he has a strong vision to help his clients realize their expectations.

His exceptional Bedexpert, architectural, creative and development credential together with the highest levels of personal service, cost effectiveness and reliability enable him to act as trusted advisors and orchestrator to discerning private families and commercial clients. Peter’s ability to ensure a seamless interface between design team, main contractors and all specialists out of one hand facilitates the seamless delivery of turnkey projects on time and to budget. This, underpinned by his core values of thoughtful Luxury and Dream Sleeping Comfort, is reflected in his long-standing esteemed client relationships.




As an interior designer Miriam Sidler has a multi-sensory approach to styling projects – a form of creating “a new attitude to life “that caters for all the senses, taking the client on an experiential journey from the time they enter the building.

As reflected by her customers, she carefully curates an intuitive and thoughtful collection of furniture, antiques, rugs, art, books and objects underlined by colours, shapes, light and inspiring materials that unlock the story of the space and capture the imagination to fulfil your heart’s desire. Miriam’s philosophy is that the needs of each client are realized by thoughtful, collaborative research into lifestyle, geographic location and architecture. She achieves this by interpreting the client brief, creating a narrative around which to build the design. A holistic understanding of her client’s personal living space is indispensable to her.

She adheres to the ideals of design integrity, using the highest quality of materials, as well as, workmanship and the seamless integration of architecture and design embedding her experience in the Haute Couture field where precision is down to the finest detail. Even after years of successful work each completed and new project is something very unique and special to her. It is Miriam’s sense of creating a sanctuary and ambiance where the things that make life precious will come to fruition that inspire her to fulfil her client’s expectations.


Räume beeinflussen unser Leben und unser Wohlbefinden. Die Kreativität, sowie auch die technische Umsetzung faszinieren mich an meiner Arbeit.

Meine Ausbildung als dipl. Zeichner EFZ, die Weiterbildung an der Schule für Gestaltung Zürich, sowie die Ausbildung am Institut für Innenarchitektur geben mir die Basis und das Wissen für das Erspüren von
optimalen Geometrien, Symmetrien, Farbkompositionen, Materialisierungen und Lichteinwirkungen eines Raumes.

Durch die langjährige Erfahrung in diversen Architekturbüros erlangte ich das Knowhow der technischen Umsetzung mittels CAD Plänen und Visualisierungen.


Von klein auf bin ich in das Metier meiner Eltern involviert. Mich fasziniert es, wie Räume aus dem Nichts in ein völlig neues Wohngefühl umgestaltet werden.

Gelernt habe ich den Beruf Konditor-Confiseur EFZ bei der Confiserie Sprüngli. Danach war ich für die Kursleitung als Junior Maitre Chocolatier im Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg tätig. 

Nach dem Militärdienst hatte ich Lust auf etwas Neues, wo ich meine Stärken der Kommunikation, Organisation und kreatives Schaffen vertiefen kann.

Derzeit möchte ich das Metier meinen Eltern umfassender kennenlernen.